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"Psychic Readings"  $75.00 Tells past, present & future.answer's all life's Questions.  Time limit on this reading is 40 min. We will talk  about love, money, business & what ever is your concerns. The reading gives date's and times. If you need to know about some one it is best to bring a photo with you.
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"Lovers SoulMate Reading"$65.00 Is a great reading for people  who need  to know all about there love life. the reading is good for people who are in a relationship or wanting to be in one. It can tell you your lovers thoughts & felling's  if you are looking for love the reading can tell you wean you will be in a relationship and if it will be the right one if you have lost your love it will tell you if he/she will come back to you or if you should move on. and much more Time on this reading is 35min  
"Voted #1 Psychics in Los Angeles Sarah"
​ Reuniting Love Specialist
​(818)679-7735 5017 Laurel Canyon blvd www. NorthHollyWoodPsychic.com Natural God-Gifted Spiritual Master Love Psychic"
​she is well known in the
​Los Angeles Area Since 1991
​She serves :​
​ Psychics in Arcadia Ca, Psychics in Beverly Hills Ca, Psychics in Burbank Ca, Psychics in Covina Ca , Psychics in Ontario Ca,
Psychics in Walnut Ca, Psychics in El Monte Ca, Psychics in Whittier Ca, Psychics in Santa Monica Ca,
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www.northhollywoodpsychic.com www.northhollywoodpsychic.com www.northhollywoodpsychic.com www.northhollywoodpsychic.com
Help in all Matters of Love . Bring back Lost Love. Stop Breakup. Stop divorce Help in finding and Keeping Your SoulMate!
Sarah  is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, & Medium and has been doing
Astrology, Tarot Reading & Psychic Reading,  since 1989   Sarah is God-gifted honest & caring Psychic Love Specialist
She specializes in resolving all types of love problems
Reuniting Love
Restoring Marriages
Connecting Soulmates
Passion, Romance, Faithfulness, & Communication
Stops break ups
Love problems are my specialty.
Every one has had or will have a broken heart in their life time. And if you had one you know how painful it can be to lose the one you love. If it's real love you can't eat, sleep think of anything but that person. Every part of you suffers and you fell so alone no one and nothing can help you. Not even your closest friends this is where I come in I am a Master Love Specialist
Their is no problem that I can not solve. No matter if your still together or separated
I can help and heal whatever went wrong and give you a second chance at love with your special loved one!
That's why I have dedicated my psychic ability and psychic readings to help reunite true love.
I do not work with love spells, white magic or anything that's not Godly or natural. True love comes from God! 
"Would you like to have a Psychic Love Reading By Phone"
This Reading is perfect if you are long distance or don't have time to come in for a appointment. Sarah is a Clairvoyant Psychic Reader she can fell the (Energy) vibrations of your voice by phone with names and date of births of the persons you want a reading on and including your self. This is full life reading talks about all your problem and answers all your questions especially on your love life.
This Reading is approximately 30 -45 minute reading
psychic sarah anderson psychic reader
                                           Chakra balancing meditation & healing with crystals
psychic in north hollywood tarot card reader
(818) 679-7735
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Rose Quartz The stone of  Gentle Love
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